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25 April 2019 @ 12:00 am
Friends only
31 January 2010 @ 10:03 pm

This weekend was spent fuitfully, sat was concert and sun was SHINee.
So on saturday went victoria concert hall with Qiyun, Minqi and Peiling./ HAHAH super crazy!
Minqi told me a joke in the mrt, super funny. Lmao!
But those band can make us fall asleep, but they kept encoring whereas the rest of us wanted so much to leave and go home first.
So concert ends at around 10.30 and we walked all the way to suntec with ex 29 boys.. And we had starbucks for supper, ice chocolate.
And home sweet home!! (mq, dont post photos in your blog ok) HAHA

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10 April 2009 @ 11:52 pm
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14 March 2009 @ 12:00 pm

This week school was quite alright, but whenever i was walking around. People gave me those weird weird looks, i think they know what happened. Some big mouthed person spread or whatever..
Took back report slip, wasnt very good this time.
3 A1s
2 B4s 
1 C5s
2 C6s
But my literature should get B3 one, teacher type wrongly!! Going to look for her soon...

Next week will be almost fully packed, yay.
Monday, wednesday(optional),  friday - Netball training
Tuesday or thursday - Outing with OLL
Tuesday or Thusday- Outing with YJ, QY

But not sure if i can make it, BUSY BUSY BUSY

02 March 2009 @ 06:18 pm
I'm lost for words...

Today school was good.. I'm loving Mr.Ho class for dnt!
Cause we can play volleyball/basketball in his class or rather outside class..
Triple cheers right...
We can go out to anywhere without his permissions as well, and there was one time that class was left with 2 students with extact 20 students at first...

After dnt, we got the speech and drama lessons again, but this time round.. The tutor was Ms Peggy...
At first i thought she is a guy, and is an angmoh.. Her lessons was SCARY, very and at the same time VERY hilarious...
I guessed we will all die in her lessons, with her super loud voice and our very high-pitched laughters...

I also want a good good good dslr ):



p.s i got a very obvious cut on my nose
28 February 2009 @ 11:29 pm

So yesterday's friday, training again...
8 rounds again, and i've had tried shootings... I think i got the position right, just that i have to aim properly next time round...
After trainging, played basketball with those guys with geokteng..
We two extra girls only stand there and shoot, and the guys said that they cant block us or not they're not boys...
Then someone say i'm half girl half boy, a tomboy! WTH!
Then today, went to see grandpa again... Much better, planned to go queensway at first but changed it to tomorrow...
Alot of things happened this week, much to expected.. I think it ruins our friendship... Hate it when you (____________)

I missed the double rainbow on wed, almost everyone saw it except me!!! 
Then today on the car, i saw one very light rainbow... But too late to snap a photo of it, then kept looking for it.. Idiot me! 

21 February 2009 @ 12:12 pm
Well yesterday, was a good and bad day for me...
Good thing was i finally finally finally got my ipod!
Was damn happy, thanks to daddy!! I didnt expect that he will buy classic for me as it was too expensive..
But he said since the screen is bigger and can watch video at better view, then buy that.
After, went to westmall to look for phones. Parents ask if i want a new phone, but i scared i cant handle both at this time.
Still thinking about it... But of cos must be 0 dollar phone or less than 100 with the voucher...


But sad thing was i lost my yellow watch ):
I wore it to school on thursday becos i want to time how fast/slow i ran for my PE.
After PE, i'm all very sweaty, so i took it out and placed it on my desk or under..
But last night, then i realised i lost it, so i went high and low in my house to find it, but to no avail ):
3 possibilities left:
1st, Some sucker stole it
2nd, i left it underdesk
3rd, someone found it and gave it to GO

I hate myself for being so careless ):
14 February 2009 @ 11:43 pm
So yesterday bake cookies for friends and to my suprise, they said it nice...
And Andrew and Daren asked me where i bought from one, HAHAHA and i told them i baked it but they find it unbelievable!!
And today went to Angela's birthday party, was good but not the beginning..
We watched Titanic together, so bloody funny.
Instead of cry, we laugh.. And chuxuan so cute, she thought tiantic is a fake story!! HHA
But luckily we missed the naked body parts..
Volleyball till 9 plus and home
14 February 2009 @ 11:09 am

Well, yesterday was my 2nd trainng in netball... Quite fun actually but we still doing ball trills... So, after we played volleyball and since it was the friday of 13th i ran and bent my ankles twice... Luckily i didnt sprain my ankle, maybe just a little...

And i want to say about cheenaaa people, they sucks...
First experience, i saw angela in china and few days ago i asked her about china stuffs...
Since we were in the same company but different tour, all the places we went were all the same and hers was 3 days after mine...
Then one day we went to a jewellery shop, we were in a so-called coference room and at first it was a man who introduce himself and the shop... And then a lady came in and whisper to that man that boss has came... After he told us, and the boss came in and he intro in a very slow, unsteady voice... Like having some difficulty speaking... At first we some how dont believe, but now we totally dont believe...
Cos he said he just came down from the airport from maybe thailand? Then to angela's tour which was 3 days after ours and he said the same thing... With same scences and technique... WTH!!!

2nd, my cheena teacher... I failed my chinese paper, but actually i can pass one.
But cos of her two marks... I went forward to claim marks, then she ask me to go back to my seat and said that she havent finish going through... Then another guy went to her, but she give him marks!!!!!! WTH right, just becos she not happy with me...
Idiot, and everytime dont answer my question one!!!

But i love china, those sceneries are super super nice... I miss those long long bus-rides, that we still can wear thick jackets, gloves in the bus. And the bus was like got minus degrees sometimes.. I always wished that the temperature is lower idk why even tho i felt colder...
We spent almost half of time in bus, and bus was where we made new friends with tour members...
Went i listen to August Rush songs, it reminds me of bus rides cos we once watched August Rush in bus..
But i always never fails to sleep in bus, very nice to sleep... But horns horns horns...

01 February 2009 @ 07:58 pm

A hectic week not looking forward to, class tests and more more more projects! 
Too much things happened this week that of cos include thurs..

Something bad happened to us(wm,deanna,me) that nearly spoilt our friendship..
But after that night doing project together, we were fine and went crazy together again like always...
29 jan, totally not wm's day... 5 or 4 in a row bad things happened to her, can you imagine how bad it was??! 

Then, yesterday night went to mother's old friend's house.. A good time for old and lastlonging friends to gather together after so so long time. Laughters all over the house, that include us the 'kids'. We got chess, scabble, psp, MUCUS interview and more..
In just a few hours, we can be so united.. We got the kids to take formal photos with us while they were playing with psp enthusiasly.
Surprisely, they stopped and yaya we got our formal photo.. But that was becos we threatened to beat them up..

I want acessories from f21..