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01 February 2009 @ 07:58 pm
Strangely purposes  

A hectic week not looking forward to, class tests and more more more projects! 
Too much things happened this week that of cos include thurs..

Something bad happened to us(wm,deanna,me) that nearly spoilt our friendship..
But after that night doing project together, we were fine and went crazy together again like always...
29 jan, totally not wm's day... 5 or 4 in a row bad things happened to her, can you imagine how bad it was??! 

Then, yesterday night went to mother's old friend's house.. A good time for old and lastlonging friends to gather together after so so long time. Laughters all over the house, that include us the 'kids'. We got chess, scabble, psp, MUCUS interview and more..
In just a few hours, we can be so united.. We got the kids to take formal photos with us while they were playing with psp enthusiasly.
Surprisely, they stopped and yaya we got our formal photo.. But that was becos we threatened to beat them up..

I want acessories from f21..