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24 January 2009 @ 10:17 pm

Went back to ups yesterday...
We 4(me, oll, qy, yh) were so so so smart, we went into the canteen without being noticed by the security guards.
We still can eat one bowl of rice and soup there.. So nice and cheap..
Then the security guard came and wanted to chase us out. But good enough, she let us finished our soup first..
I and qy were like running and squatting to the toilet to avoid attention from the security guards -.-
Finally, we were out..

Luckily, yuhui saw mrs ang i bus-stop and we were jay-running to the see her..
But her bus came, and she was like "hi, bye' in a very unfriendly tone..
Whatever! We chatted among ourselves and went to lot.

Wanted to eat MOF, but i spent all my money on shoes.. Still owned yuhui money..
Slack with oll awhile at 'playground' and went back home.


21 January 2009 @ 04:16 pm

On sunday, went town with oll... Its cool cos got some very funny incidents happened...
Like my slippers dropped of from the escalator, and that super kind lady helped to take and so-called wanted to wear for me..
And oll sucking mango lingo with a spoon and she thought she was sucking a straw instead..

And yesterday was scary... When crossing road that time, i and deanna went to look inside the car.. And we saw someone that scare us!!!!
That passenger seat, beside driver's. A WOMAN WITH HOLLOW EYES. OR WHATEVER EYES THAT LOOK VERY SCARY!!!
Like vaimpire.. Somehow.. Then we started laughing cos we seriously had a shock!

Yeah, friday going back to ups.. Woo~ Then after to lot to buy stuffs..
I received my skirt from ZA, its sheer..

16 January 2009 @ 03:22 pm

Basically, school sucks. Form teacher shifted our seats, and now i am with waimun tho that's not the extact seat that i was given..
Whatever, and today waimun was so extremely sleepy that she called me to pinch her like 24/7 so that she can be awake!! 
That's the way she torture herself..

I guess i'm officially in netball now! Woo got to go to training on tues, but they are having tournaments already on monday..
Too late..

I need a ipod seriously, cos currently using LKK phone! And friends started teasing that that's the latest model, nicest ever and craps..

Oh yeah, few days ago i started to open up every files on my cardboard and saw many world cup '06 news articles! 
From '06 till now, i'm still keeping it.. Not really interested in soccer, but the soccer players yeah..

Anyway i got my year book already, luckily only got me in the class photo!! And jingying on headlines, HAHAHAHAHAHAH!!! 
And i started learning to cook already!!


Yesterday night, i had a super uper nice dream that i wish i can dreamt till the end of it! 
But this dream will never exist cos its too fairytales like..

I dreamt that in a long corridoor then someone went to open a big window near me..
And i started to jump out of it and fly.. Flit perhaps.. becos i can run and float in the air..
My dream include some of my friends, then we were like challenge who can flit the fastest! 
the funniest thing is we flit and fly just becos we wana watch a movie at a very far theatre...

Haven reach the treatre and i'm awake! !!!!! AHHHHH! 

Back to real life, school sucks.. Its the first week and i already got a project! 
Dnt... art... !!!!!!

Cny around the corner, yeah!

04 January 2009 @ 08:41 pm

Alright its already 4th of jan! School started on fri..
Super not interesting or what, i managed to fall asleep in class while chinese teacher's saying her so-called terms and conditions.

Yesterday went to town with ZA to get her braces done and we went to watch Ponyo..
So cute and nice, and ponyo loves ham! Then we wanted to go to railway tracks but ended up in station..

We wanted to get down there but before that ZA did ask a policewoman first and she said at our own risk..
So we didnt to climb down to the tracks -.- but someone signal us to get up! And another fisherman's friend policewoman came and told us to delete those photos and told us craps.. but ours films type HAHAHA She got pissed off and kept 'diao' us!
REALLY WANT TO DIG HER EYES OUT! Stupidassshityoupolicewoman!

Then we walked aimlessly, looked at clothes on one place and ZA's parents came to fetch..
To pasir ris to look for GH, walked around Ehub and got ourselves a pencil 'box'
blablabla and went back to their house to stay.

Today to golf at warren and i think i started to like golf already..
And i want TENNIS TENNIS TENNIS. Played ddr, HAHAHA so funny! Home, school tmr :((((((((((((((((

Photos next time..

01 January 2009 @ 10:17 pm

Yeah its 09 already!! So sad right, another new year... So fast! 
Tmr going to school already everyone except for gh who is going to chalet!!! 
WTH lor, purposely choose this date one!!

I want to be better in 09!! And being sarcastic, i will said 'Yeah i'm going to school tmr!!!'
Quoted from someone! Laughsss

31 December 2008 @ 04:24 pm
Near year coming, everyone !!!
I'm damn not looking forward, cos i dontwant to go back to school! 
And i want a jap phone, my phone is somehow spoilt.. But its damn ex.. Urgggg..
Not going to countdown or where i guess.. SO SO SO BORED!! NETNETNET only!
30 December 2008 @ 10:37 pm

Went vivo just now with oll.. We had super late lunch! Damn bk, so many ppl eat one... Queue so long..
Not really into window-shopping but rather fooling around with camera.. Took quite alot of pictures
Yeah and my joker flew away when i'm doing magic!! 3 jokers left..

So went to play with water, playground, fountain and soda!
Tmr countdown party having reharsal, dont really saw those that are more HOTT!

I love suckers codebar..

coming throughCollapse )

29 December 2008 @ 05:26 pm

Yeah my new addiction..
27 December 2008 @ 11:16 pm
Went to golfing just now, first time i guess.. As not those mini golf types..
Doreen did say that they went there before but i rmb that time the youngest 3 in couz cant go -.- So i didnt go at all! 
And then to safra to play arcade -.- And back here to play basketball..

I'm so bored right now.!!! Entertainments anyone ?